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Casa Bonay

Casa Bonay, an eclectic hotel based in Barcelona, sought to encapsulate the city’s free-spirited charm and ironic humor in its brand identity. As the creative hub of the city’s talents, Casa Bonay aimed to go beyond the typical tourist perception of Barcelona, requiring a unique visual representation that captures its attitude and character.

In the heart of Barcelona, Casa Bonay is a distinctive hotel born from the city’s vibrant spirit and housed within a historic 19th-century building. The hotel is a melting pot of Barcelona’s creative talents, including renowned designers, intriguing chefs, and independent publishers, all coming together to create an extraordinary experience.

Casa Bonay aspired to portray an image of Barcelona far removed from traditional tourist clichés. The objective was not merely to create a brand, but an attitude that merges the free spirit of Barcelona and the seamless blend of diverse elements in a single environment. It aimed to capture a sense of humor that would give Casa Bonay its unique identity.

We adopted collage as a language to express the desired attitude, constructing the brand from an assortment of images that ironically represent the city. The result was a visual identity rich in character and uniqueness. Further, we designed a book to chronicle the hotel’s creation, the cover of which utilizes some of the fabrics designed by Batabasta for the hotel.

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