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“Culture Counts“ Campaign by the EIF

The European Investment Fund’s “Culture Counts Campaign” supports the Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility, an initiative aimed at assisting SMEs in these sectors to secure financing. Often, these sectors face obstacles when trying to access affordable debt financing, resulting in a lack of trust in obtaining a bank loan for a cultural project. The campaign aims to alter this perception.

The campaign is designed to be appealing and relatable to its target audience, with a call to action. The primary message, clear and unambiguous, challenges the idea that obtaining a bank loan is the least creative aspect of a project or virtually impossible.

The vibrant, varied backgrounds of the posters, each representing different creative processes, mirror the diversity of languages required for the campaign. This multilingual need was the impetus for designing varying colour versions and background iterations for each design. The campaign’s graphic language was also incorporated into promotional postcards and the campaign video.

12 Mucho EIF Culture Counts 2 2
13 EIF Mucho strategy design graphic