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EIF Annual Report 2017

The European Investment Fund (EIF), an institution aiding SMEs in securing finance, desired to enhance its rapport with SMEs. Thus, they set out to create a visually engaging annual report, deviating from the traditionally dull format. The report aimed to make its content more relatable, by presenting figures and results in a more human-focused manner, warranting adjustments in its content structure and tone of voice.

The design strategy employed vivid colours, human-centric illustrations, a magazine-like editorial style, and candid photos of people. These visual elements were key in achieving the desired look and feel for the project, making the report both accessible and engaging.

Illustrations were provided by Julie Céré and the photography was the work of Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann, contributing to the distinctive visual appeal of the EIF’s annual report.

07 Mucho EIF AR2017 7 Rosa
10 Mucho EIF AR2017 10 Rosa