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The catalogue for “Guillotina”, a temporary exhibition at Tecla Sala, serves as a tribute to artist Lluís Hortalà’s meticulous craft. Hortalà dedicated over four years to mastering the trompe l’oeil technique to create his strikingly protruding chimney sculptures, designed to toy with the perceptions of the viewers.

The catalogue’s structure mirrors the artist’s work. It follows a symmetrical layout, positioning photographs centrally, with text and translations anchoring the front and back pages. This layout combines classic and modern binding techniques, akin to Hortalà’s unique art style, facilitating a better understanding of his work within the editorial framework.

Finally, to mimic the grandeur and bold proportions of Hortalà’s works, the catalogue itself is slightly oversized. This aspect further highlights the scale of the artist’s creations, reinforcing the harmonious interplay between his artwork and its representation in the catalogue.

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