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InForm is a residential design and construct company established in 1996. Facing ever-increasing competition and tough economic conditions, InForm appointed residential architects Pleysier Perkins to oversee a rejuvenation of the company’s design range specifically, and to review all aspects of the brand more broadly. Introduced to the project through our existing relationship with Simon Perkins, we have collaborated with InForm and PP for over a decade.


An extensive and rigorous analysis stage identified a lack of coherence and distinction in InForm’s brand. Drawn into a price-based competition for clients it could never win, there was a need for the business to target potential opportunities in the bespoke architectural space. Inspired by Robert Doisneau’s famous quote; ‘To suggest is to create, to describe is to destroy’, we developed a brand strategy based on simplicity. Removing unnecessary decoration or embellishments from advertising, communication and even their processes helped InForm project an image of confidence and belief in its brand.

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InForm has worked closely with Dom for over ten years now. We look to him, and Mucho more broadly, for guidance on every aspect of our identity. It’s a partnership that has contributed immeasurably to the ongoing success of the InForm brand.
Jon McKimm, Director, InForm
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