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00 Joan Miro Collection

Joan Miró Collection

The Joan Miró Foundation, a cultural center focused on research and studies of Miró and contemporary art, collaborated with Mucho to design the opening campaign for its new permanent collection.

The campaign aimed to communicate to the public the concept of creating their own collection. For this, we designed a set of 24 trading cards featuring key works from the over 200 pieces in the collection, and an album, the centerpiece of the campaign. 

The graphic system we created, based on the geometric shapes of the Foundation’s building, forms an architectural landscape where the cards could be placed. This concept, supplemented with bright and cheerful colors, was expanded into a visual code for the entire campaign, conveying a festive tone. 

The campaign’s visual language, rooted in the idea of space and collection, extends beyond merely showcasing Joan Miró’s artwork.

04 Joan Miro Collection
05 Joan Miro Collection