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Kimpton Vividora

Kimpton Vividora, a fresh addition to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, sought to weave the district’s rich history and spirited ambiance into a premium hotel experience. The collaboration between Kimpton and Mucho manifested in a unique brand strategy, naming, and identity, as well as a distinct visual language, all designed to shape a one-of-a-kind customer journey that resonates with the eclectic charm of the surrounding neighborhood.

The Challenge

The new Barcelona Hotel aimed to encapsulate the “El gotic” rich heritage, free spirit, and fun, alongside a sophisticated hotel experience. The challenge was to design a brand strategy, identity, and visual language that could shape a unique customer experience and reflect the hotel’s diverse facets.

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The Strategy

Our strategy involved personifying the hotel as a ‘muse’ named Vividora, symbolizing an individual who relishes life to its fullest. This female embodiment was apt in expressing the blend of culture, history, and modernity intrinsic to the Barrio Gotico of Barcelona. The essence of this vibrant neighbourhood, celebrated for its cosmopolitan life, diverse dining options, exciting nightlife, and multicultural ambience, was encapsulated in the naming.

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The Solution

The visual language, developed in collaboration with artist Laia Armengol, was crafted with a custom font and vivid color palette. These design elements, combined with classical Barcelona symbols, cultivated a unique brand persona. Additionally, we created identities for different hotel outlets. For Cafè Got, a casual tapas and wine bar, we designed an identity reflecting its relaxed atmosphere and food sharing ethos. In contrast, Terraza de Vivi, an upscale rooftop restaurant, received a complementary identity reflecting its elegance. Lastly, Fauna Restaurant’s identity was built around the platanero tree, a common sight in Barcelona, symbolizing the lively, vibrant crowd expected at the restaurant and celebrating the uniqueness of local gastronomy.

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