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Le Marais

IMKAN Group, a global real estate developer, collaborated with Mucho to create the Brand Identity and Communication Strategy for Le Marais, a luxury residential complex in Rabat, Morocco. Aimed at an urban upper class, the project needed to evoke appeal for a tranquil agrarian lifestyle. This sparked the creation of a brand centered on the sensory experience of rural living, with its peace and way of life serving as avenues to personal fulfilment.

The project’s logo and primary motif—the horizon—symbolizes nature, tranquility, time, and reflection, presenting a mirror to body and soul.

Complemented by a creative language that associates rural elements with this primal line, the project uses hand-drawn, coloristic visuals in earthy, premium tones and gold. Mucho managed naming, logo, visual identity, naming system for neighborhoods, interior design direction, signage, corporate goodies, social network profile design, and the communication campaign.

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