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Lecturas para un espectador inquieto

This publication, produced by Madrid’s CA2M art center, is a comprehensive guide to contemporary art. 

Stemming from a series of lectures on current art themes and trends, it pairs images from the center’s collection with selected international artworks. The guide is designed for art professionals but also aims to educate beginners about key contemporary art concepts.

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The book design revolves around a fundamental shape: a vertical rectangle, symbolizing both the text block and the artwork space. This rectangle is modified throughout the book to reflect various themes. 

The format is a balance between a large art book, providing ample space for images, and a smaller, more readable book. 

The body copy is large, and a double bar feature creates space for images or secondary text references. 

The book includes general texts and artist interviews on gray paper, and wordless visual chapters printed on special coated paper.

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