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00 Limon Memorias de un Productor Musical


Top music producer and long-term Mucho client, Javier Limón, embarked on writing his memoir and sought our expertise for its design. The book aimed to intertwine his life journey and rise to prominence as a producer with anecdotes of collaborations with iconic Spanish music artists such as Paco de Lucía and Alejandro Sanz.

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The content structure strategy was to create a balance between the narrative detailing Limón’s personal journey and the engaging anecdotes from his professional life. It was crucial to allow these two elements to interact seamlessly, without one overpowering the other, to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of Limón’s life and career.

The cover and opener concept sprang from the idea of Limón as both a silent observer of tradition and history and a re-interpreter. This was visually represented through typography set amidst traditional Spanish drawings, suggesting the idea of a time machine. This design solution effectively encapsulates Limón’s unique position in the Spanish music industry, symbolizing his ability to respect tradition while reinterpreting it in a contemporary context.

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