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A new paradigm for a menopause center

Máxima is a health center specialized in menopause and its challenges. They asked Mucho to create their brand and to help reimagine women’s maturity.

The Challenge

The challenge in creating this brand was not only the usual one associated to the creation and representation of a client’s culture. It also came with the bigger challenge of reinventing how we think about menopause and women’s maturity. To most women and society, menopause is related to concepts of old age, decline, loss of capability, and, subconsciously, death. In short, to offer a new vision of this critical moment for women was also a path to generate a uniquely positioned brand. 

Moreover, the recent emergence of the category meant that no established framework or visual universe existed in consumers’ minds, presenting a unique opportunity not only to craft a new narrative but also to establish a distinct visual identity for health centers dedicated to this stage of womanhood.

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The Strategy

The brand strategy revolved around a new vision of menopause. Not so much one treating it as a health condition or an illness, but rather, reframing it as a gateway to a new and fulfilling chapter of life. And so the key narrative values started by establishing a vision for a new future which can bring about well-being in the present moment, and towards a new reality. Differential positioning values included integral support, conscience, warmth and rigour.

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The Solution

To convey this wholehearted optimistic view of life, a simple and elegant solution started by the name: ‘Máxima’. In Spanish, the feminine version of ‘maximum, references women who are at the height of their intellectual capabilities and life experience. It is also an invitation to live life to the fullest, no matter the conditions. 

This name brought about references so strong, the logo only needed to perform a subtle gesture. Using the accent in the ‘a’ reinforced the strength of the word, acting as highlight of sorts. This seemingly small element then goes on to articulate the visual language, which mixes portraits of mature women full of energy and power. Alongside these, Mucho generated AI images of flowers a day after their full bloom, highlighting their beauty throughout all of their life.

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