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Qynda is a women’s sports brand in Kuwait that goes beyond the conventional. A brand destined to become a reference in modest fashion in the sports arena. Together, we assisted them in establishing this new brand, from strategy and naming to brand identity.

Qynda is a women’s sports brand in Kuwait that transcends the conventional with a dedicated commitment to redefine the limits.

Qynda begins with a name, one that encapsulates its essence. Qynda, meaning Rose and Mountain peak in Arabic, was thoughtfully chosen.

Qynda is all about shaping limits. The boundaries of a woman’s inner strength. This is symbolized by the logo we crafted, embodying the rhythmic heartbeat.

Qynda draws inspiration from its cradle, influenced by the dynamic winds of the desert. The color palette elegantly incorporates reds, maroons, and pinks for fashion communications, while sportswear features a classic combination of black and white.

Qynda embodies the fluidity and resilience inherent in women, a concept reflected in its brand language. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic winds of the desert, the brand captures the essence of this spirit.

Qynda is all about embracing the spirit of sisterhood, cultivating a community where each woman plays a crucial role in defining the limits of her potential. We employ clean, focused compositions with typography that deliberately contrasts with the language.

Qynda is about communicating a way of life, and this should be reflected in its social media. Therefore, we create sections based on values its values and also its garments.

Content Strategy

In terms of content, a strategy was devised to generate consistent, high-quality content with a structure that would ease the day-to-day tasks of the Social Media Manager. Based on brand values, two types of content were chosen: product-centric posts aimed at driving sales, and organic posts. For each category, sections were devised to highlight Qynda’s DNA, connecting with its consumer by providing useful information about the garments and the world of sports and women in the Middle East.

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