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The Match Book

The Match Book showcases a collection of over 150 matchbooks collected by Randy Shaw, founder of the Tenderloin Museum. Mucho designed the book to showcase the fronts and backs of the collection at actual size. The cover is constructed from craft paper, foil stamped and blind embossed with a typical matchbook shape. The spine of the book is created from strike material so it can be used to light a match.

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The Match Book resurrects the Tenderloin’s overlooked history of restaurants, bars, hotels, and other business establishments through these daily objects. In many cases, the matchbooks are the only evidence we have that the businesses—and the character they lent to the community—existed. From their welcoming attitude to quality design style, these matchbooks return us to the days when people came together on nearly every block of the Tenderloin for food, drinks, and fun.

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