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The Sydney Modern Project

The third book designed by Mucho for the Art Gallery of New South Wales, The Sydney Modern Project considers what is unique about presenting art from the perspective of Sydney and Australia, bringing to their work a consciousness of the past as a continuing presence and the future as an open possibility.

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Part academic text, part art book, The Sydney Modern Project’s design was informed by this duality. The vibrant blue exterior, for example, gives way to a serene, off-white interior. The typographic palette balances a neutral, contemporary sans serif (Preston) with a more traditional, classical serif (Syllabus) and the eclectic content juxtaposes archival imagery with modern artwork and contemporary architectural documentation. The brief prioritised accessibility to a broad audience, and this is a book designed to sit comfortably in the hand, open flat and travel with a reader.

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The transformed Art Gallery of New South Wales and the city are well placed to harmonise because they share fundamental qualities. Energetic, speculative and attuned to ever-adjusting contexts, the city and the new campus both project outward, creatively curious about everything that is coming over the horizon.
Ross Gibson
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