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Mucho UC2022 Cover Overview

UC Investments, Annual Report, 2022

Mucho has designed the Annual Report for the University of California every year for the past 9 years. For the first time ever, the UC Investments Annual Report can be brought to life using Augmented Reality.

The challenge

Last year was extremely chaotic across the markets as the returns reflect, however we wanted to highlight the way that the University invests under the strong leadership of Chief Investment Officer Jagdeep Singh Bachher – Where others see chaos he truly sees opportunity.

Mucho UC2022 Cover


To coincide with the launch of a combined printed and digital report, we wanted to bring some interactivity into the printed piece. We worked with illustrator John Burgess to create typographic illustrations and animations based on the principle messages throughout the report. These illustrations were brought to life using Augmented Reality technology, bridging the gap between print and digital.

The solution

The report is mailed in a chaotic typographic black foil stamped envelope. On opening the report, the cover contrasts the envelope using the university color yellow, with a typographic illustration representing the first letter of the word ‘Opportunity’. Clever phrases such as ‘GAS $’ and ‘CRYPTO’ that caused chaos within the market are hidden within the illustration. The reader is then directed to download the Augmented Reality App onto their phone and are advised throughout the report when to bring the illustration to life.

Mucho UC2022 Envelope Open
Mucho UC2022 Cover Close up Gas
Mucho UC2022 Cover Close up Crypto
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Mucho UC2022 Display Type Pages Overview
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It was a financially challenging year for everyone and we represented this with a technically challenging but exciting and uplifting printed piece. Many thanks to Vadim Zaychik and Plotnet Prints for partnering with us in making this augmented print piece a reality.

Mucho UC2022 Spreads 5
Mucho UC2022 Spine