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The inception of the remote revolution has drastically altered the dynamics of work and learning. The flourishing EdTech landscape is brimming with digital-native brands and platforms that are creating novel online educational experiences for both individuals and professionals. One such brand is Attain, a nexus for experts influencing the future of sustainable banking management. The challenge lay in the ambitious mission the founding team put forth: to develop a modern brand that reflects Attain’s vision.

In honouring this vision, Attain decided to partner with leading minds in the business to foster the thought leaders of the future. The brand’s strategy is deeply rooted in co-creation and excellence, which is essential to Attain’s core values. The aim was to symbolize growth and the personal and collective achievement that stems from the continual pursuit of improvement.

The outcome is a brand that embodies progress. The brand’s logo, a graphic representation of a step up in a 3-dimensional perspective, forms the heart of the brand’s identity. Attain’s visual language leverages this graphic dynamically across all its communications, striking a balance between a serious academic tone and its activist ethos, manifested in a striking shade of green. This approach aids in segmenting content and information, conveying the brand’s consistency and solidity. With these tools, Attain aspires to present a superior learning avenue for professionals and businesses, whilst committing to a better future. The ultimate goal is to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, one course at a time.

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