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Toulouse School of Economics

The Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) sought a brand redesign that transcended a conventional focus on academic excellence, opting instead for a message of ‘Economics for the Common Good’. This shift broadened the project scope, requiring an innovative approach to the challenge, strategy, and design solution.

The Challenge

TSE was initially confronted with a branding problem. The conventional narrative centered around academic excellence was not only overused in the higher education sector but also no longer accurately represented the unique value proposition of the school. The challenge then was to carve out a distinctive identity that truly showcased TSE’s commitment to the wider societal implications of economic knowledge, reflecting the philosophy of their honorary chairman and Nobel laureate, Jean Tirole.

The Strategy

TSE’s new strategy involved a fundamental shift in its branding approach. Rather than simply replacing an old logo with a new one, the institution sought to embody the principle of the ‘common good’ as outlined in Jean Tirole’s seminal work. This required not just a mere understanding of the concept, but a profound comprehension of its implications, and how this could be translated into a compelling and relatable brand narrative. This strategic overhaul didn’t merely change visual components of the brand, but it revolutionized the entire philosophy, ethos, and values of the TSE brand.

The Solution

A new logo, while simple at first glance, was crafted with a potent symbolism. The unique design involved manipulating the letters of TSE’s acronym to underscore notions of care and protection, subtly hinting at the ethos of the common good. But the redesign did not stop at the logo. The institution’s visual narrative was further enhanced by an art direction focusing on the portrayal of genuine human moments. By showcasing images that captured the potential of society when we are ‘good together’, the institution effectively visualized their reimagined brand identity - a commitment to fostering ‘Economics for the Common Good’.

02a TSE Concept 1 by Mucho
02b TSE Concept 2 by Mucho
17a TSE Poster Small
18b TSE Folder B by Mucho
21a TSE Tshirt B by Mucho
21b TSE Tshirt A by Mucho