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20 Aniversario Museo Picasso Málaga

How to create a tagline for the anniversary of an internationally prestigious museum dedicated to a universal artist that doesn’t compete with the museum’s name or the artist’s identity and avoids copyright issues? The answer lies in a short and direct phrase, written by the artist himself.

The Picasso Museum in Malaga approached us to develop a brand to celebrate their 20th anniversary. 2023 also marked the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death. This double date situation posed a unique challenge. 

The Museum also needed a clear reference to Picasso’s work but his pieces could not be used due to licensing issues. How could we connect this anniversary to the essence of the Malaga-born painter, the very reason for the museum’s existence? 

One thing was clear from the outset: the new logo, acting almost as a campaign, couldn’t overshadow the museum’s established brand. Simultaneously, it needed to have a strong and intimate association with Picasso throughout the year. And so we crafted a short sentence. A colloquial catchline, that shifted away from institutional language and brought the museum closer to the audience. 

‘I’m 20’ is so short, it could become both a campaign tagline and a logo. It also speaks of being young while celebrating your anniversary. And finaly we ensured that Picasso was speaking through the museum of his hometown. Additionally, penned in the artist’s handwriting, “I’m 20” resolved our graphical concept without resorting to any of his paintings, drawings, or sculptures.

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