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The Ocean Race

Embarking on a journey to rebrand the historic Ocean Race, Mucho helped navigate the storied competition through a modern sea change. With a new vision that underscores sustainability and technology, the collaboration delivered a fresh brand narrative, a dynamic visual language, and extended identity systems, revitalizing a legendary brand and making it ready to set sail into the future.

The Challenge

The Ocean Race, with its rich 46-year heritage, needed to reflect a fundamental shift in its organizational strategy and business plan. A challenge was to capture the essence of a storied brand, preserving its integrity and core values, whilst realigning it with the world’s evolving expectations and new audience perceptions. The brand needed to go beyond merely removing the name of its previous sponsor, Volvo, and establish a new identity emphasizing a stronger commitment to technology and sustainability.

The Strategy

Under Mucho’s strategic and creative helm, a multi-disciplinary team was assembled. 

This collaboration involved top management, design, and marketing teams from The Ocean Race. A meticulous plan of workshops, meetings, and updates ensured each decision was informed and aligned with the brand’s core principles and future challenges. 

Recognizing the brand’s ongoing commitment to technology and sustainability, Mucho strategized to accentuate these aspects, enabling The Ocean Race to demonstrate its leadership and open new avenues of engagement.

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The Solution

The design solution involved creating a dynamic new identity for The Ocean Race. 

A symbol was designed, embodying the brand’s ethos of sustainability, competition, and teamwork, resembling wind-filled sails. Complementing this is a unique typeface by TypeMates, featuring a distinctive ‘A’ akin to an overhead view of a boat.

A vibrant visual language, comprised of various shapes, colors, and wind-inspired patterns, was created to deliver a rich, compelling brand image. 

A flexible sub-branding system was established, enabling the categorization of initiatives as Strict Sub Brands or Subsidiary product brands, broadening the brand’s reach and creating new funding avenues. To ensure the brand’s successful evolution, detailed guidelines and integration sessions with The Ocean Race’s design team were organized.

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