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Anagram is a full-service media agency that combines human insights with data-driven marketing to fuel brand growth. As part of ISPD, a global network of companies driven by cognitive science and a unified system, Anagram operates at the forefront of marketing innovation. In today’s complex and competitive market, where numerous agencies offer similar services and new technologies continuously disrupt the industry, standing out can be challenging. To stay relevant and ahead of the curve, a brand needs to be agile, adaptive, and establish a clear, distinct, and meaningful position that permeates its internal culture, shapes a unique narrative, and inspires a strong identity. Our objective was to redefine what Anagram represents.


An inspiring statement that captures the spirit of Anagram: Curiosity fuels continuous learning, deeper exploration, and a clearer understanding of what lies ahead. It is both a talent and a passion that runs through the veins of every individual at Anagram, shaping their work approach and fostering a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals. All of this is encapsulated by the tagline “Curious to the core.”

We crafted a distinctly human brand to propel Anagram and its clients towards significant growth. Curiosity always leads to new questions. Being curious to the core means aiming in the right direction while acknowledging that the pursuit of perfection is never-ending. Conceptually, Anagram’s symbol is based on the idea of a loop, representing cause and effect, the past and the future, and most importantly, the journey of growth from one state to another.

To accentuate the values of curiosity, growth, ambition, and continuous learning, Anagram’s visual language embraces the concept of the loop, symbolizing that with every ending, something new begins. It draws upon the proportions of the symbol and its divisions, allowing for creative play with shapes, colors, typography, textures, photography, and other elements that exude a human and charismatic touch.

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