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ISPD is a cognitive marketing company that has been building meaningful connections between people and brands since 2009. It uses cognitive science to develop effective strategies and offers clients a unique blend of expertise across multiple disciplines. Through its unique network of agencies specializing in digital marketing, advertising, media, shopper marketing, gaming, and communications, ISPD helps transform, build, and grow brands in specific markets. Mucho was asked to build a brand that would embrace a multi-agency approach to projects under the ISPD group umbrella.


SPD positions itself as a technological company serving creativity, aiming to help brands by understanding people. They leverage data to provide creative solutions.

That’s why ISPD’s identity is based on both the square bracket and the parenthesis. The square bracket, commonly used in science, and the parenthesis, used in written language to clarify concepts, offer the perfect opportunity to express both the services and aspirations of the group through the brand’s design.

The outcome is a strong brand that represents growth, backed up by a bold visual language and art direction that highlights its values in bright blue and RGB-based secondary colors. With these tools, ISPD aims to change the marketing landscape, giving consumers a voice and pushing the brands they love into a constant state of adaptation.

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