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01 Mucho Can Ferrereta Composition

Can Ferrereta

Can Ferrereta, a newly established hotel in Santanyí, Mallorca, express their exceptional experience for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle.

Can Ferrereta is housed in a beautifully restored old village mansion and set nearby idyllic beaches. The hotel offers the perfect location with convenient access to enchanting markets, historic churches, and charming restaurants, all within a short walking distance.

Mucho created a visual identity that not only reflects the hotel’s commitment to excellence, but also captures the unique aura of Mallorca. The design team meticulously listened to the island’s expressive, natural environment while avoiding common clichés and stereotypes, because in nature everything is accomplished with excellence.

The team drew inspiration from traditional village signage and Santanyi to create a distinctive stand-out visual identity. We infused a vernacular stencil typeface and textures found in the local trees and the iconic Santanyí stone. These elements were thoughtfully and beautifully combined with textures inspired by the island’s surroundings. The visual language harmoniously blends classic references with contemporary aesthetics. The result is a visual identity where Can Ferrereta is Santanyí and belongs to it. Can Ferrereta and Santanyí live together, each happier for the other.

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