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As the economy of experiences dominates, Barcelona’s leading university in Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy, CETT, needed a brand transformation that resonates with modern students and today’s digital world. We undertook the task to evolve the CETT brand, focusing on the narrative of experiences.

The Challenge

CETT, after five decades of growth and evolution, found itself at a crossroads. The university needed to revise its brand strategy and identity to align with their modern vision of higher education, their diverse academic offerings, the new generation of students, and the ever-changing digital landscape. CETT stood apart for fully embracing the experiential economy, which needed to be reflected in their brand narrative.

The Strategy

Our strategy centered on “Through experiences,” the tagline, which embodied CETT’s brand narrative. The brand sought to highlight the transformational journey students undergo - personally and professionally - while studying at CETT. We aimed to turn this tagline into a living organism, driving key brand messages like growth, connection, and learning through experiences.

The Solution

We introduced the circle as the primary element of the new brand identity, symbolizing student transformation and an open perspective. The flexible use of the circle served various purposes, including highlighting core brand values such as adaptability and dynamism. A vivid palette represented life and sensory experiences, while distinct colors and textures differentiated the programs. The brand was designed to adapt easily to digital environments, catering to CETT’s digitally native generation.

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