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Deem is an industry-leader in online booking and management for corporate travel, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings (the global rental car leader and innovator in travel mobility and technology solutions).

The nearly two-year program spanned research to strategy, brand identity to user-interface design, and marketing to the production of the online launch event.

The challenge

Deem sought to leverage its years of experience and data into a new product platform, and to position the company based on the thoughtful insights we uncovered during our brand strategy phase.

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The corporate travel management industry is a competitive arms-race. To cut through the noise, we both listened to business travelers and their emotional considerations when traveling, and to travel managers whose main concern is compliance with company travel policies amongst employees.

By developing a voice that genuinely demonstrates traveler empathy, we created a verbal and visual identity that reflected Deem’s human-centered view of the world, and the value of happier employees being better for business.

The solution

Say hello to Etta

Etta is the name for Deem’s new product platform for online corporate travel booking and management. We created it from the acronym of “Easier to travel anywhere” — a simple promise made good by the evolution of the tools that Deem is well known for.

Since it sounds like the name of a person, and not a corporate tool, it has the flexibility to evolve into a trusted assistant — a future proof idea that can eventually leverage AI and other predictive technologies to make the life of a business traveler even easier.

The visual identity for Etta and Deem centers around two word marks, with directional arrows that either ascend or point towards the future. The styling of these word marks inspired a complete pictographic language that can be simplified to function as application icons, or can be combined into storytelling narratives and landscapes. It brings an original, friendly but professional character to a typically mundane set of interactions and communications.

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Mucho has an extraordinarily rare combination of unique traits: creativity, humbleness and a business-savvy mindset — the ability to look at the forest and the bark on the trees, and deliver the right design and content, on time and on budget. They were instrumental is pushing Deem to the next level of corporate travel leadership and transformation.
John F. Rizzo Former CEO and consultant to Deem
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The Mucho team guided us through a complex major new product and brand launch with great expertise and a great eye for detail. This was a highly successful introduction of the new Deem and Etta brands to the world.
Tahnee Perry Vice-President Marketing, Deem