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Farside, a pioneering startup studio accelerator, leverages advanced technology to swiftly incubate unique, innovative startups. Tasked with the challenge of creating an inspiring brand narrative, the strategy centered around the purpose value of ‘Advancement,’ reflecting the human drive for evolution. 

A powerful brand identity was developed, encapsulating a compelling ecosystem of technology-led investment opportunities, and aptly named ‘Farside’ to symbolize uncharted explorations.

The client, a forward-thinking startup accelerator, harnesses advanced technology to rapidly build unique and innovative ventures. Tasked with creating a brand that encapsulates this bold vision while inspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike, the aim was to weave a narrative around ‘Advancement.’ This narrative needed to embody the human drive for continuous evolution and present an exciting glimpse into potential futures. Ultimately, the brand was expected to convey a compelling value proposition—an ecosystem teeming with technology-infused investment opportunities.


The strategy pivoted around crafting a rich, consistent narrative that aptly embodied the brand’s values and unique proposition. Emphasis was placed on illustrating a story of ‘Advancement’, underscoring humanity’s aspiration for relentless progress, and presenting an intriguing preview of potential futures. This narrative aimed to culminate in a compelling value proposition—an ecosystem of applied technology brimming with opportunities. The strategy also included an exhaustive naming process to capture the brand’s ambition and a symbolic representation to tie the narrative together, evoking inspiration, opportunity, and longevity.

Resulting from this strategy was the brand name ‘Farside’, signifying a drive to push boundaries and explore uncharted territories. The comet symbol, embodying inspiration, opportunity, and vast distances, was chosen to unify the narrative. Complementing this was a unique graphical language that used gradings to structure information, reinforcing the story of advancement. The melding of an apt name, potent symbolism, and effective graphical language effectively consolidated the brand’s narrative, clearly communicating its unique value proposition and fulfilling the brand’s strategic goals.

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