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Solv is leading a paradigm shift in finance, envisioning a decentralized digital world where economic freedom is accessible to all. Serving as an integrated marketplace, Solv empowers users to create, issue, and trade tailor-made financial assets of the Web3 era.

The Challenge

Solv came to us for a full rebrand of their visual identity, seeking a visual system to unify their offering and products. The goal was to transition from a cool, young, and fun image to one that is reliable, top-tier, and high-tech. 

As Solv grows and its users become more savvy in DeFi, the brand needed a change to reflect its reliability and technological innovation.

The Strategy

Using the narrative of imagination as the driving force, we positioned Solv as a leading force in the new financial system. 

The strategy was to create a new design compatible across current and future product lines, allowing Solv to evolve into a fuller ecosystem. 

As part of the strategy, It was crucial to consider the company’s rapid expansion and development.

The Solution

To address Solv’s rebranding needs, we developed a sleek and minimalistic visual system inspired by the concept of building blocks. 

The logotype was crafted using four lines angled at 45 degrees, symbolizing the brand’s forward-thinking approach. Alongside refreshing their identity, we also revamped Solv’s website and established a cohesive visual system for their SFT products (ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token), a versatile token standard, enabling users to create and trade various financial instruments seamlessly, these SFTs provide enhanced visualization, transferability, and customization features, catering to the dynamic liquidity needs of complex markets.

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