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Ibiza Gran Hotel

The Ibiza Gran Hotel stands unique as the only 5-star grand luxury art hotel on the island, beautifully enveloped by sea vistas at every glance. Our task was to craft an identity that embodies this unique spirit. Drawing inspiration from the seamless intersections of natural and man-made elements that form horizons, we collaborated with photographer Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann to generate a collection of “horizon” compositions. Captured from both prominent and hidden viewpoints, these images extol the location’s distinctive allure, serving as a unifying factor across the diverse touchpoints that guests encounter.

An elegant symbol, inspired by the locale’s natural splendor, adorns the branded materials as the hotel’s signature hallmark. Complementing this is a simple yet adaptable typographic system, framing the expansive natural space within each branded communication. 

This dual approach, blending artful photography with thoughtfully curated design elements, weaves a consistent and captivating brand narrative for the Ibiza Gran Hotel.

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