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Since 2010, Inkef Capital has evolved, distinguished by its unique values for ethical investment and outgrowing its original identity. The venture capital specialized in technology and healthcare, connecting two seemingly separated worlds in investment. Roel Bulthuis, Managing Partner at Inkef, highlighted their need for a brand that would resonate with their ethos and instantly captivate potential partners. The rebranding task aimed to connect Inkef’s purpose led values to its visual identity, giving life to a brand that truly reflected their distinct character.

The strategy centered on defining Inkef’s six core values: ‘Courage of Choice’, ‘Impatient Patience’, ‘Sharing Knowledge’, ‘Groundbreaking Change’, ‘Richness of Diversity’, and ‘Our Legacy is the Future’. 

These values encapsulate the brand’s essence, symbolizing their vision for ethical investment and their drive for unprecedented change in improving peoples lives.

The tagline concept, ‘The Value Within’, is reflected in the new logo’s typography, by including a lower case ‘i’ dot within the initial ‘I’ of the logo. Patient Indigo, White Haze, and Digital Pink form a color palette that references the brand’s values. Unique photography plays a crucial role in articulating these values, backed by specialist curator Ada Sbriccoli’s expertise. 

The new brand language, including custom frames and consistent expression across platforms, establishes a harmonious, impactful Inkef identity ready for its future growth journey.

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