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Unite people, love food

Chef José Andrés transcends the culinary world, merging his gastronomic expertise with a fervent commitment to humanitarian causes. The strategic rebranding of José Andrés’ brand from Think Food Group to a more encompassing identity aims to capture the essence of his multifaceted influence across culinary excellence and philanthropy. This transition is not merely a change in branding but a reflection of a broader vision that aligns with José Andrés’ global impact.

The Challenge

In the culinary world, José Andrés is celebrated not only for his gastronomic brilliance but also for his humanitarian work. Recognized twice by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People, his influence spans a multitude of platforms. Despite the success, the Think Food Group’s identity began to feel misaligned with the expanding diversity and influence of José’s endeavors. The real challenge was evolving the brand to reflect this growth, ensuring it continued to embody José’s vision and the innovative, impactful nature of his work.

The Strategy

Addressing this challenge necessitated deep discussions about the company’s vision, its rich history, and the current landscape of opportunities. A comprehensive branding review and communications and design audits were conducted to realign the José Andrés brand purpose, values, and overall strategic framework. The objective was to craft a brand architecture that resonates more profoundly with its audience, leveraging José’s personal brand for broader impact.

Transitioning to the José Andrés Group symbolized a pivotal moment in this strategy, marking a shift that aimed to capture the essence of José’s impact more accurately. This move was informed by a desire to articulate a brand that is as dynamic and multifaceted as José himself, capable of inspiring and uniting people around the power of food.

Jose Andres Before Logo
Jose Andres After Logo
Jose Andres Chef Logo 01
Jose Andres Chef Logo 02


The revitalized brand identity, incorporating the dual exclamation marks (¡!), reflects José’s vibrant spirit and homage to his Spanish roots. This design choice, alongside the collaboration with music producer Javier Limón for an audio logo, infused the brand with a sense of energy and innovation.

A collaboration with typographer Jordi Embodas led to the creation of a bespoke typeface that melds the elegance and activism at the heart of José’s brand. This typeface is named Mieres, after José’s hometown, and serves as a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to creativity, community, and change.

Visual Language 
The brand’s refreshed visual language, anchored by the dynamic double exclamation marks, signifies the brand’s adaptability and its mission to engage and inspire across diverse platforms. The use of vibrant colors, dynamic typography, and strategic imagery crafts a narrative that’s both compelling and inclusive.

Audiobranding: Javier Limón
Typography: Jordi Embodas

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Jose Andres Typography Composition

JAM, Longer Tables & Packaging

José Andrés Media (JAM) and the “Longer Tables” podcast exemplify the brand’s expansion into new territories of activity and mediums. These initiatives are not merely extensions of the José Andrés brand but are pivotal in advancing the conversation around food’s unique ability to bring people together, driving change. The brand is also extended to packaging, allowing a signature system on every pack José Andrés is part of.

Jose Andres Longer Tables
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