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SHIFTA, a 100% online school by Elisava, is revolutionizing learning by customizing education to individual students and equipping them with the tools for continuous knowledge expansion. Their unique approach encapsulates the mantra “Think. Make. Change,” signifying a commitment to strategic thought, practical action, and ultimately, transformative results.

The inception of SHIFTA started with its meaningful name, which denotes motion, alteration, and ceaseless adaptation. This concept was seamlessly translated into the brand identity, which is dynamically formed by expanding and shrinking strokes. These visual elements embody SHIFTA’s guiding philosophy, as succinctly captured in their tagline, “Think. Make. Change.”

The graphic language of SHIFTA utilizes the principles of rotation and closure, culminating in a final, unexpected twist that signifies a change of direction. This innovative design effectively communicates the essence of SHIFTA’s transformative learning experience while maintaining a strong connection with visual aesthetics of the digital age. Through this, SHIFTA’s brand design has succeeded in encapsulating its dynamic and innovative ethos.

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