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Ubiquity is a global business process outsourcer headquartered in New York City providing solutions focused on transforming the customer experience and driving loyalty for brands.

Working from insight gained from strategic workshops with the Ubiquity team and other research, Mucho created a new visual identity and key messaging that fully expresses the heart of the Ubiquity brand.

The new visual identity distinguishes Ubiquity as a B2B partner of choice that is truly dedicated to becoming an extension of their clients brands. This implied ‘bridge’ between Ubiquity and their clients informed the visual identity which cleverly takes the dots from the ‘i’s present in the name and recontextualizes them into a colon—a typographic connector.

Mucho also created a new tagline: ‘tomorrow is calling’, as a nod to call centers as one of Ubiquity’s key products, but also the innovation they bring to the future of the industry. The notion of time also speaks to Ubiquity’s global reach, with delivery centers based all over the world.

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