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Ugly Duck

The European Investment Fund (EIF) hosts an annual conference called Ugly Duck, bringing together over 250 VC fund managers since 2018. This conference, held in Luxembourg, unites industry practitioners to share insights about European Venture Capital (VC), using a narrative steeped in mythological tales and animals to articulate the evolution of VC. In line with the conference’s theme, we were tasked with strengthening the Ugly Duck branding to emphasize that European VC is no longer an “ugly duckling” asset class.

To transform the logo, we employed a bold yet elegant typeface to counteract the concept of “ugly.” The letter “g” was cleverly shaped to resemble a duckling, incorporating the event’s symbol into the logo to enhance recall value. The 2019 campaign brief demanded a representation of the VC managers’ gathering, while spotlighting the EIF’s three key investment areas: Technology, Life Sciences, and Social Impact. We developed a disruptive design befitting this disruptive industry, crafting unique characters for each investment area, akin to unconventional superheroes.

These characters, Vision, Dr. Future, and Opportunity, represent the wizard of Technology, the pioneer of Life Sciences, and the warrior of Social Impact, respectively. Each character is depicted with a unique graphic style and attributes that symbolize their role and meaning to the EIF. The chosen color scheme of blues and pinks sets the backdrop for these illustrations, establishing a vibrant conference identity that aligns with its innovative spirit.