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As one of the first online universities globally, the UOC aimed to redesign its brand to reflect its dynamic, ubiquitous nature and evolving strategic direction, resulting in a unique, cohesive, yet diverse brand ecosystem.

The Challenge

With over 20 years of experience in e-learning, the UOC has solidified its position as a benchmark provider in the industry. Coinciding with a change in strategy, it sought to reorganize its brand structure, creating a distinct identity for each university area within a shared brand ecosystem. 

This required an architecture that conveyed personality, fostering both consistency and uniqueness while accommodating today’s dynamic, group-oriented and location-independent learning paradigms.

The Strategy

To address this, we designed a brand architecture that embraced the dynamism and ubiquity characterizing the modern learning environment. The aim was to create a brand that is flexible, modulating between the different areas of the University while maintaining the UOC’s overarching identity. 

Our strategy was to produce various modular brands, permitting a dynamic visual personality that seems to extend beyond the traditional frameworks.

The Solution

The solution involved generating dynamic logos using the letter “O” to form “U” and “C,” a creative maneuver that harked back to traditional university heraldry while allowing for dynamic composition. 

Complementing this, we developed a proprietary serif and sans serif font family, an RGB color palette, unique visual resources, a photography style, and a pictographic system. 

Given the brand’s audiovisual presence, we also created an audio logo and acoustic language, offering the University its own sound brand in audiovisual applications. 

This comprehensive approach transcended conventions, offering a flexible but ordered brand evolution.

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