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In the ever-evolving landscape of data consultancy, Bestiario stands out, thanks to its ingenious problem-solving approach. This narrative focuses on the company’s rebranding journey, showcasing how its unique capabilities and inherent dynamism were encapsulated into a powerful new brand identity.

The Challenge

Bestiario, an innovative data consultancy, faced a complex task: to define and present its evolving identity amidst a rapidly changing market. Its multidisciplinary expertise, diverse project capabilities, and versatile clientele made it essential to establish a universally applicable narrative, effectively communicating its essence across all its operational domains.

01a Bestiario Bodegon Puig
01b Bestiario Dom Perignon Lab

The Strategy

The solution centered on the core of Bestiario’s work - problem-solving. The brand narrative was crafted around their innovative and resolutive approach to discovering clear pathways through data. This led to the tagline “Unleash the Best”, symbolizing Bestiario’s potential to unlock the full power of the companies they work with.

02b Bestiario Concept

The Solution

The visual identity embraced the labyrinth concept, representing Bestiario’s unique capability to navigate complex data environments towards novel solutions. A modular system was utilized to develop a unique typography, reflecting the digital landscape that the company commands. The brand’s color scheme was chosen to symbolize the brand’s energetic, positive, and dynamic character. Overall, the rebrand incorporated a new tone of voice and visual elements to articulate Bestiario’s unique value proposition and distinctive personality.

06a Bestiario Poster
06b Bestiario Merchandising