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Mucho created the campaign theme and exhibition for San Francisco Design Week, 2019.

Leading San Francisco and acclaimed international designers celebrated the 2019 CommUNITY theme by showcasing original artifacts they have produced specifically for this event which included posters, typefaces, products, sculptures, digital art and more. The original works were sold in a silent auction during the opening night party with proceeds benefiting San Francisco Design Week (SFDW) to enable its mission to bring together the local Bay Area and international design community.

Over 130 Designers from 17 countries around the world participated in this exhibition, all personally invited by Mucho Creative Directors.

Campaign Identity

We created a dynamic campaign identity that split the word Community into two words ‘Comm’ and ‘Unity’. This was developed as the theme for Design Week as well as a vehicle to help us brief participating designers. The brief was simple; To create a poster or object that ‘Communicated Unity’.

An animation was produced by Barcelona based agency Gimmewings which was used throughout social media and at the opening night for on screen introductions. A key frame of this animation was extracted to be used on all static communications such as wayfinding, brochure covers, exhibitor badges and tote bags.

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We’re excited to orchestrate ‘CommUNITY’ to help raise awareness that we can all play a small part in contributing towards a common goal by working and collaborating together. We can’t change the world with broad brush strokes, in isolation. Working with our friends and neighbors is key.
Rob Duncan Creative Director, Mucho
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The Exhibition

The exhibition was designed by leading exhibition designer Mitchell Mauk. Among the silent auction items were a broad range of offerings, from textiles and ceramics, to apparel and printed posters, including a cotton flag by design studio Garbett in Australia, glazed ceramic teacups by design studio Supple Studio in the UK, a limited edition surfboard by David Carson in the US and numerous printed posters.

All posters were printed by PlotNet Prints and a limited edition are still available for sale from

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CommUNITY lies at the heart of San Francisco Design Week. Raising awareness of global issues is an important initiative to which supporters can contribute in a modest way towards a greater cause. We’re honored to have received a tremendous response from acclaimed designers in the international design community.
Dawn Zidonis SFDW Executive Director
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