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Futuro Viñador

Futuro Viñador is a collective of winegrowers dedicated to enhancing viticulture and cultural practices. Their mission is to inspire others to pursue a path of honest viticulture, deeply connected to the landscape and the people. The collective focuses on promoting research, disseminating information, and sharing knowledge while maintaining respect for traditions. They aim to drive improvement and transformation in the viticulture sector through various workshops, creative spaces, talks, and collaborations with institutions and organizations.

Brand Identity
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The Strategy

The strategy behind the brand development was to reflect the collective’s balance of preserving heritage and embracing modernity. The plan was to create a distinctive and symbolic representation that encapsulates the core values and principles of Futuro Viñador. The idea was to design a brand symbol that combines tradition and modernity, drawing on geometric shapes and Gothic typefaces.

The Solution

The design solution resulted in a unique brand symbol that leverages the interplay of perspective based on the 3D interpretation of geometric shapes. The symbol, grounded in the letters V and F, reflects both the group’s commitment to their heritage and their forward-thinking approach. It beautifully illustrates the collective’s blend of traditional practices with innovative methods.

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