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Glassworks, a leading visual effects company with over two decades of expertise, boasts international studios in London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. The firm excels in the production of world-class visual effects, including CGI, compositing, design, 2D and 3D animation, colour grading, and premium finishing for various media including commercials, films, streaming content, music videos, digital media, and more.


The strategic design for the Glassworks brand was inspired by the Tangram, a Chinese puzzle, and its associated lore. The Tangram is a metaphor for Glassworks’ creative potential, similar to how the puzzle’s pieces can create any form, Glassworks crafts entire worlds and stretches the limits of imagination.

The design solution incorporates the flexibility and versatility inherent in the Tangram concept. This embodies Glassworks’ ability to tackle visual challenges that push creative and technological boundaries. Just like the gemstone in the Tangram story that can build any universe, Glassworks creates diverse visual effects, showcasing their expansive creative range.

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