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Hàbitats i Contra-Hàbitats

In this project, we were tasked with the graphic design for an exhibition at the DHUB. 

The show, grounded in a past exhibition at the MoMa in 1972 titled “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape”, celebrated the innovative work of several young Italian designers. These designers were exploring the new plastic extrusion techniques and their groundbreaking implications for design and architecture. 

The brief required us to incorporate themes of experimentation and innovation, use of plastic as a material, and a period of openness and freedom of thought, with a subtle nod to the influence of hallucinogenic substances on the progress made during this era.

The focus of both the image and the exhibition was plastic. When manipulated in its solid state, plastic can assume highly refined forms; in its liquid state, however, its randomness can evoke anarchy. 

This juxtaposition was illustrated in the print pieces and the opening exhibit element. The signage, meanwhile, capitalized on the versatility of plastic as a material, exploring its vast potential.

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