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IV Centenary of the death of Cervantes

Mucho crafted a visually impactful identity for the IV Centenary of Miguel de Cervantes’s death. The brief required a design that centered around Cervantes, detaching it from his well-known works, such as Don Quijote, and ensuring its accessibility and reproducibility by a wide audience and various institutions.

Hired by the Spanish Ministry of Education, our task was to design a distinctive visual identity for the IV Centenary of the Death of Miguel de Cervantes. The brief necessitated a shift away from the famous associations with Don Quixote, instead emphasizing Cervantes himself. The design needed to resonate with a broad audience, offer high reproducibility, and adaptability for various institutions and corporate applications.

Our design solution hinged on utilizing one of Cervantes’ most iconic features - his throat ruff. We amalgamated this element with the ‘C’, representing both ‘Cervantes’ and ‘Centenario’ (anniversary in Spanish). Further, we created a corporate campaign video that brought to life Cervantes’ intimate beliefs through a surreal journey through the throat ruff, culminating in the formation of the ‘C’ symbol.

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