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The project involved developing a distinctive brand language for [k] koble, a company operating in the traditionally serious fields of insurance and programming. Our mission was to inject an element of playfulness and engagement into the brand’s persona, without losing sight of the innate professionalism and integrity it represents. 

The objective was clear: shift away from the traditional monotony and bring a breath of fresh and vibrant air to the industry by transforming the way [k] koble communicates with its audiences.

Our strategy was to fuse together two distinct realms: the imaginative world of copywriting and the logical, structured world of coding. We aimed to create a unique language that was not only enjoyable and approachable but also accurately depicted [k] koble’s identity. 

It was critical to strike a delicate balance, ensuring our new brand language conveyed the fun side of [k] koble while also communicating the seriousness and reliability that the fields of insurance and programming command.

The design solution involved a creative merger of copywriting and code. We made the complex world of data feel ‘sexy’ and ‘fun’ by innovatively incorporating elements of playful language. 

The result was a unique and engaging brand language for [k] koble - a tongue that spoke of the brand’s core values while resonating with audiences in a refreshingly accessible and enjoyable way. 

This fresh approach helped [k] koble express their brand story in a way that was never seen as dull, making them stand out in their industry.

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