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In an economic climate characterized by rising inflation and uncertain stability, Proa operates with the belief that the best way to protect capital is through investment rather than holding cash or speculating. The challenge was to present Proa not just as a financial institution but as a guide to the future, navigating the shifting paradigms of industries and lifestyles.

The strategy involved connecting Proa’s investing philosophy and its vision of the future. This was encapsulated in the central brand idea of ‘Mastering Future’. Proa’s role was envisioned as similar to the Moiras of ancient Greek mythology, the deities responsible for spinning the thread of people’s lives from birth. Proa’s mission, therefore, is to weave the future for its clients through strategic investments.

Mucho designed a symbol that represented the concept of ‘weaving the future’. The symbol, designed from rectangles, simulates the interlaced shape of a fabric fiber, echoing the thread-spinning role of the Moiras. The visual language of the brand combines this symbol with images of a vast world full of possibilities, reflecting the company’s broad perspective on the future of our lives and the world we live in. The tagline ‘Mastering Future’ ties together these elements and reinforces the purpose of the company in navigating the wide horizon of change and development. The brand’s visual representation and message were then incorporated into the web development to ensure a consistent and comprehensive brand experience.

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