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Pronto, Spain’s most popular gossip magazine with a weekly circulation of 2 million copies, sought to expand its digital presence with a new website. Partnering with Mucho, the aim was to translate their ‘feel good vision’ into a dynamic online platform while enhancing their user experience (UX) with a mobile-first approach. An emotional narrative was crafted for the brand, encapsulating the idea of relishing moments of joy and intrigue with Pronto.

Digital Strategy

To optimize user experience, a novel structure was designed for the website, turning different magazine sections into individualized online magazines, each with a unique layout but unified by a common grid structure. Careful distribution was implemented to leverage traffic from celebrity social media, ensuring seamless content sharing and engagement. This restructuring led to improved navigability and content variety, from Pronto TV to a dedicated cooking blog.

The redesign extended to the brand’s visual language, incorporating a revised logo and reviving a unique font from Pronto’s early days. This helped respect the brand’s editorial tradition while appealing to its contemporary audience. 

Emojis were used to blend the visual language of emoticons with Pronto’s editorial voice, ensuring an engaging, intuitive interface. In the process of enhancing Pronto’s mobile experience, the team prioritized accessibility for their primary aged readership, simplifying navigation and information layers. 

The project culminated in successfully transitioning this heritage print magazine to a vibrant online presence.

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