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was established in 2009 by Dominic Hofstede as an online archive of Australian graphic design, with a focus on work created between the years 1960–1990. The project was created primarily to address the scarcity of reference material available related to this most significant period for the profession.

Re:collection has evolved from a website into a platform for exhibitions, publications and research activities with collaborative input from Warren Taylor, Paul Mylecharane, Vincent Chan and other committed individuals. Notable activities have included a 2016 exhibition of archival work at Monash University to mark the website’s redesign, and a poster campaign for the 2018 Sydney Design Festival based around the texts of iconic Australian designer Arthur Leydin.

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Every activity has its history and its heroes, and advances as a profession because of this knowledge. Graphic design will disappear as a stand-alone profession if it does not have this.
Arthur Leydin (1932—2010)
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