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Trizz, an innovative production studio rooted in traditional filmmaking and special video effects, partnered with Mucho to refresh their entire visual language. The key challenge was to encapsulate the company’s unique array of emotions and experiences into one cohesive brand. Recognized for their unique and eye-opening techniques, Trizz wanted a visual representation that echoed their constant quest for innovation and exploration.

Brand Identity

The logo concept was inspired by the idea that all journeys converge at a shared point. This concept was brought to life through the use of continuous lines, symbolizing an ongoing narrative that remains visible from beginning to end. This design strategy birthed a layered logo, evoking a sense of perpetual motion, mirroring Trizz’s ceaseless creativity and dynamism.

02 Trizz Deep Journey 003

To further express the brand’s visual language, we developed a ‘dictionary of emotions’, inspired by John Koenig’s ‘Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’. This ‘dictionary’ consisted of expressive, newly-coined words representing specific, nuanced emotions, thereby creating a rich conceptual universe. This approach not only enabled exploration and experimentation but also resonated deeply with the emotions Trizz aimed to evoke as a brand, cementing their position as a hub of creativity and emotional depth.

06 Trizz posters 001
10 Trizz web 002
11 Trizz Carelessness