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Casa Vicens

Gaudí’s initial architectural masterpiece, Casa Vicens, transitions from a private residence to an international cultural destination open to the public. Over a course of four years, the design firm Mucho played a critical role in this transformative journey, meticulously crafting its brand identity, establishing a distinct visual language, and curating an enriching visitor experience, all while preserving the architectural essence of the historic site.

The Challenge

The major challenge resided in transforming Casa Vicens, a previously secluded private property, into a compelling public space. 

The design solution needed to strike a delicate balance between accessibility and preservation, ensuring the structure’s historical and architectural significance remained undisturbed. 

The task involved more than just brand establishment – it was to harmoniously incorporate Casa Vicens into the universally recognized portfolio of Gaudí’s works. 

The transformation also demanded a considerate approach to the surrounding Gracia neighbourhood, minimizing any potential disruption to its unique community dynamics.

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The Strategy

The comprehensive strategy for this transformation was executed in a structured three-stage process. The initial stage involved establishing the graphic DNA of the brand. This meant developing the visual foundations that captured the spirit and narrative of Casa Vicens. 

The second stage revolved around defining the approach of Casa Vicens as an exhibition centre, a hub for various cultural activities and a platform for ongoing discovery and rediscovery. This phase also entailed the formulation of core communication elements and key messages tailored for every stakeholder group. 

The final stage focused on the creation of graphic applications within the museum space. This included the development of additional visual expressions for the brand, the launch campaign, and the merchandise products. 

A pivotal underpinning throughout these stages was to recognize and portray Gaudí as a young, innovative, and unbound professional during his creation of Casa Vicens.

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The Solution

The design solution drew inspiration from Casa Vicens’ distinctive façade. The grid used in the façade was repurposed to construct the ‘V’ of Vicens in the logo, generating a visual effect that played with perception and invoked both tension and surprise. 

A custom typography was created by Jordi Embodas, reflecting the passion and excitement of the young Gaudí during the inception of Casa Vicens. The visual system integrated this typography with colours, messages, and the grid structure, enhancing the interactivity and overall visitor experience. This approach not only breathed life into the visual identity of Casa Vicens but also made the brand responsive and adaptable to various mediums, fulfilling the design challenge at every level.

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